Chris (’95) and Christine (’86 Walleck) Hilmer

I am Chris Hilmer (1995), and my wife is Christine Walleck (1986). We have been missionaries in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada since 1999. Our first ministry was in the city of Drummondville where we studied the language, adjusted to a very different culture, and helped a French-Canadian family to plant a new church. After three years, we moved an hour south to the city of Sherbrooke where we have worked for fifteen years planting a church.

Although Quebec was traditionally a rural, Roman Catholic society, enormous changes began to take place in the 1960's that transformed it into a modern society with a secular outlook. Places that are similar would include Holland or the Scandinavian countries. Church planters here must be resilient, patient, and focused on the future.  Converts in Quebec are not won overnight, and discipleship is often a slow process.

Over the years we have passed out hundreds of thousands of tracts across our region, most of which have fallen on stony ground. We rejoice, though, that we have over the years seen dozens saved, baptized, and added to the church. We have also seen some of our young people head off to Bible College (including Caleb Rouillard), and a few are serving the Lord full-time. Our desire remains to train someone to take this work but materialism, reticence on the part of French-Canadians, the lack of a Biblical heritage, and other factors have militated against the realization of this goal.

We are thankful for the training that we received at Fairhaven, especially the myriad of opportunities to work in different ministries.  Five years of labor in the projects of Gary prepared us for our ministry here in ways that we could not begin to understand at the time.  I am also thankful for a faithful core of church workers and church members at Fairhaven who taught us many things about serving the Lord during our nearly seven years in Chesterton, I Cor. 15:58.

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Second Annual “Conquerors’ Challenge” Basketball and Volleyball Tournament

We were privileged to host the second annual Fairhaven Basketball and Volleyball Tournament - The Conquerors' Challenge. Teams from Cozaddale Baptist Academy in Goshen, Ohio; Prairie Christian Academy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; Beth Haven Baptist Academy in Sheridan, Michigan; and young people from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago were all able to join the Fairhaven teams this year. Everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the Beth Haven volleyball team and the Cornerstone basketball team for their first place victories! We are already looking forward to next year's tournament March 15-16, 2018.

Click here or on the picture below to view photos from the tournament.


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2017 PC Trivia – Round 8

The conference is now less than three weeks away -- time for Round 8 of the PC Trivia Contest!

Read carefully as instructions for entering this week's contest have changed. The first person to comment on the original post, located at, wins. Go ahead and give it a try, and don't assume the previous comments are correct!

The winner will receive $150 toward travel expenses to come to the 2017 Preaching Conference. This prize is brought to you by the Adult Sunday School Class of Fairhaven Baptist Church.

Question: The multi-purpose building on campus was completed in what year?

Don't forget to register on the Preaching Conference Registration Page!

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Round 1 - Bill Smith - Traverse City, Michigan

Round 2 - Esther (Castro) Stock - Dayton, Tennessee

Round 3 - Michelle (Kelso) Birney - Skowhegan, Maine

Round 4 - Geoff Gaus (Macungie, PA); Matt Furse (Custer, SD); Josh Hughes (Barnesville, PA); Amy Porozynski (Cockeysville, MD); Jason Atwood (Corpus Christi, TX); Daniel Kelso (Vallejo, CA); Andy Almanza (Lancaster, PA); Randy Love (Murray, Utah); Michelle Birney (Skowhegan, ME); Gary Zdziarski (Payson, Illinois)

Round 5 - Dan Bottrell (Berea, Kentucky)

Round 6 - Stacey Burke (Goshen, Ohio) and Karis Potter (Pleasantville, Iowa)

Round 7 - Jennifer Wright, Diana Gonzalez, and Jeff Voegtlin (These winners got the date correct due in part to being entrenched day and night in work parties getting the dorm ready!)

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2017 Volleyball Marathon

Volleyball Marathon is a tradition unique to Fairhaven Baptist College. It keeps the tuition down and the excitement up!

There's still time to support the college and help a student reach their goal. Donate here!
2017 Volleyball Marathon

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2017 PC Trivia Contest – Round 6

The conference is now less than seven weeks away, and it's time for Round 6 of the PC Trivia Contest! (To those who were wondering what the answer was to the Round 5 question, the correct answer was Dr. Roy Thompson, Cleveland, Ohio.)

The first two people to email the correct answer to win. The winners will each receive a $25 Olive Garden gift card.

Question: What did the current Fairhaven Baptist College chapel used to be?

Don't forget to register on the Preaching Conference Registration Page!

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Round 1 - Bill Smith - Traverse City, Michigan

Round 2 - Esther (Castro) Stock - Dayton, Tennessee

Round 3 - Michelle (Kelso) Birney - Skowhegan, Maine

Round 4 - Geoff Gaus (Macungie, PA); Matt Furse (Custer, SD); Josh Hughes (Barnesville, PA); Amy Porozynski (Cockeysville, MD); Jason Atwood (Corpus Christi, TX); Daniel Kelso (Vallejo, CA); Andy Almanza (Lancaster, PA); Randy Love (Murray, Utah); Michelle Birney (Skowhegan, ME); Gary Zdziarski (Payson, Illinois)

Round 5 - Dan Bottrell (Berea, Kentucky)

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Clint (’04) and Grace (’03 Porozynski) Ammann

Grace and I have been serving at Anchor Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah since August of 2006.  It’s been more than ten years since we have come to Utah. God has been good each step of the way as we have seen Him bring us through difficult circumstances and bless time after time.  Serving in Utah is comparable to being on the mission field in many countries.

God has wondrously blessed in giving us two boys.  You may recall Quincy being born in 2012 while Grace was visiting family in Indiana.  Our youngest, Abel, was born in January of this year.

When we first came to Utah we understood that we would be working as teachers in Anchor Christian Academy.  Now more than ten years later, we could not have imagined all the ways in which we would be involved in the ministries of Anchor Baptist Church.  As people have come and gone, as they do at churches, God has allowed us to be used in an increasingly greater capacity.

Currently, Grace tends to our church office as our secretary and keeps the financial books for the church as well as the Academy, while also trying to maintain the church website.  She performs in a number of other capacities including teaching Sunday School and playing various instruments in the church services.

My duties in the classroom all day and the responsibility of being the principal of Anchor Christian Academy keep my life interesting and busy.  Teaching adult Sunday School has been one of the most enjoyable experiences while at Anchor.  I have been able to direct and participate in a number of ministries here including coaching, summer camp, VBS, and the nursing home.  I am also responsible for the music ministry at Anchor.  From time to time I get to fill the pulpit while Pr. Love is away.  Who could have guessed that God would use us in any of these capacities?  We have learned that being available and willing are two key ingredients to success in ministry.

It has been a particular blessing to see two of our recent graduates of Anchor Christian Academy finish Bible college and continue serving the Lord.  One of our students just returned from college and has begun teaching school in a fourth grade classroom.  Another of our graduates was voted in last year as the pastor of Park City Baptist Church right here in Utah.

There is a tremendous shortage of pastors, workers, and faithful Christians in the inter-mountain west. Please pray for us while we minister in Salt Lake City. Stop in and see us if you are in the area. We are looking forward to bringing our entire staff out to visit with you all during the upcoming Preaching Conference.

May your ministry, giving, and hard work along with God’s power be reflected in us.

In Christ,

Clint, Grace, Quincy, and Abel Ammann

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A. J. (’02) and Karis (’02 Miller) Potter

A.J. and Karis Potter graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College in 2002.  They have four children: Trent (13), Seth (11), Ashlynn (9), and Breanna (6).  In September of 2009 A.J. answered the call to become the Pastor of Pleasantville Baptist church.

In the fall of 2013 the church paid off the property that they had began buying in 2003.  The church then voted to begin to build on the property.  In the late summer of 2014 construction started on a 14,000 square foot building that would house the church and academy ministry.  On August 31st of 2015 Pleasantville Baptist held its grand opening of the new building.  God has blessed and enabled PBC to continue to grow through the process and helped the church expand its impact on Pleasantville and the surrounding areas.  Pleasantville Baptist Church has a bus ministry that reaches into 8 surrounding communities with the gospel.  PBC is also able to reach their community through soul-winning, jail, and nursing home ministries.

The annual Mid-Winter Youth Rally held each February has been the result of the hard work and effort of the people of PBC.  Last year there were over 300 in attendance from 20 different churches.

The youth rally is designed to get Christian teenagers together for a good time of fellowship but also under the hearing of powerful preaching.  This has been an annual event at PBC since 1997.  Many churches in Iowa and a few surrounding states take advantage of this one day rally to help their teens get refreshed and recharged after the new year.

Three years ago, with much prayer, Karis began an annual Ladies Conference at the end of April.  In 2013 the conference started with 100 ladies in attendance.  In 2016 there were over 200 ladies which attended the conference.  This has been a great blessing to churches in our region since there is not a Ladies Conference that is within reasonable driving distance.  the PBC ladies do a great job preparing and decorating for this event.

During the summer of 2012 PBC hosted a summer camp for junior age children between the ages of 7-12.  After the third summer the camp attendance outgrew the rented camp and last summer a larger camp was rented out.  90 campers registered to be with us last summer.  Each summer souls are saved and lives touched through this summer ministry opportunity.  Many of our teenagers and adults work tirelessly throughout that week serving the campers and counselors who attend.


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Jeff (’07) and Traci (’03 Malenky) Ferguson

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Josh (’10) and Brittany (’10 Nielsen) Hughes

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The year 2016 has been quite eventful for my family and me.   Since 2013, my wife and I had been working at Anchor Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I filled the position of Assistant Pastor under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Randy Love.  We enjoyed three fruitful years of ministry working with the youth and overseeing many other ministries in the church and school.

In June of this year, I was voted in as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Frackville, Pennsylvania.  Our way of thinking and living drastically changed as we left the fast-paced city life of Salt Lake to move to the laid-back rural living of hilly Pennsylvania.  In Salt Lake City, we were in the heart of Mormonism.  In Frackville, we are in the heart of Catholicism.

After many hours of packing, driving, and unloading, we have finally settled into our new home and church.  September 4th was our first Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church.  Being a small church in a small borough, news got out quickly that there was a new pastor in town.  Since then we have been blessed with many visitors from near and far to “check out” the new pastor.  The church is currently averaging in the fifties on Sunday morning.  There is much excitement among God’s people here, and there is much work to be done.

Calvary Baptist Church has been in existence for over 75 years and is the only Baptist church in Frackville.  There is also a Greek Orthodox church, a Lutheran church, and many Catholic churches that have been here for over 100 years.  Satan has successfully blinded this area with religion.  But my prayer is that God would use my family and me to spiritually strengthen and equip His people at Calvary Baptist Church so that we can take “the light of the glorious gospel of Christ” out into the community and make a difference here in the heart of the coal region.

In Christ,

The Hughes Family

Joshua, Brittany, Brian, and Bennett

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2017 PC Trivia Contest – Round 3

The conference is now less than 13 weeks away, and it's time for Round 3 of the PC Trivia Contest!

This question is for FBC Alumni (must have completed at least one semester at Fairhaven Baptist College). The first person to email the correct answer to wins. The winner will receive a $200 Southwest Airlines voucher* for use in traveling to the 2017 Preaching Conference and College Days.

Question: Which Indiana State Park is located less than 2 miles from the Fairhaven Baptist College campus?

*restrictions apply

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Round 1 - Bill Smith - Traverse City, Michigan

Round 2 - Esther (Castro) Stock - Dayton, Tennessee

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