College and Academy Orchestra

Dr. Voegtlin is always trying to challenge our college and academy orchestra. Please enjoy this excerpt from this year's graduation service. The piece is entitled, To God Be the Glory with Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Minor.

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End of Year Slideshow

Donate $5 and receive the End of Year Slideshow! All donations go toward our annual Graduation Offering. All proceeds go directly toward campus improvements.

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Missions – Zambia, Africa

Our Director of Missions, Dave Olson, and his wife recently took a trip to Zambia, Africa, where they were missionaries for 10 years. Two young people reached through the ministry in Zambia came to Fairhaven Baptist College to train. They are now both graduates of FBC and are serving the Lord in their home country (Brenda Champo and James Silwamba). Please enjoy the following update video.

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Jim (’99) & Kelly (Smith ’99) Shelton

Greetings to you!

A lot of changes have happened in the ministry for us in the past couple of years.   We had been missionaries in Puerto Rico from 2000 till November 2015.   God blessed in so many ways while we were there in allowing us to assist in helping two missionaries plant churches, planting another brand new church, and ending our time there restarting another church that had closed itʼs doors.   We praise the Lord for what He did in those churches, and for the souls that were saved during those years.   All of these churches are still going strong and going forward in the work of the Lord.

Several years ago, while in Puerto Rico, my Home Church Pastor asked me to pray about taking over as pastor at home at Trinity Baptist Church one day.   We both prayed for several months over the matter and God gave us both perfect peace about it.   Finally, in November 2015, I got a phone call from my pastor that he wanted me home to sit under him for several years before the transition is made.   This is where we are now.   Today, for now, I am Youth Director, Bus Director, Visitation Director, and in charge of various other responsibilities.   Kelly assists me in the Youth, has a bus route, and is in charge of Ladies Visitation on Thursdays.   God has given us 2 beautiful children; Cassia. 14; and AJ, 12.

We look forward to the future that God has in store here at Trinity Baptist Church.   We thank you for your prayers, please know we still pray for you as well.

God bless,

Jim, Kelly, Cassia, and AJ Shelton

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We were blessed with another wonderful graduation service. This year Dr. Rodger Bottrell (himself the father of five Fairhaven Baptist College graduates) was our commencement speaker. What a joy and privilege to see young people going out to serve the Lord!

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Greenfield Village Activity

College students enjoyed a fun day at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan.

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New CD Available for Purchase!

Fairhaven's newest music CD is complete and available for purchase. Lots of hard work went into the new CD, entitled Throw Out the Lifeline, features the Fairhaven men's groups and is a "must have" for your music library! You can purchase the CD online through our bookstore or download the digital version of the CD here.


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Jon (’88) and Marie (’87 Simpson) Hall

Fairhaven Graduates church planting in Australia

The Hall Family

Marie Simpson graduated in 1987 as the first girl to go all the way from kindergarten through college at Fairhaven.  She married Jon Hall, who graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College and was ordained in 1988.  After Jon’s graduation, the Halls left Fairhaven to join the staff at Heritage Baptist Church and Christian School in Woodbridge, Virginia where the LORD had earlier placed a burden in Jon’s heart to serve under Pastor Mike Edwards.

Jon taught in the school and assisted the pastoral staff while Marie played the piano at church and served as secretary to Pastor Mike Edwards.  The Halls also taught Sunday school, worked a bus route, helped lead the junior and senior teen youth groups, and worked with various music groups in the church and school.

During the six years Jon and Marie served at Heritage, the Halls were privileged to watch the LORD grow the church from about 300 to nearly 600.  They were also blessed to see their family grow as God gave them three beautiful daughters – Sara, Rachel, and Hannah.  The missionary emphasis at Heritage was also growing at this time; and in 1993 the LORD called the Halls to be missionaries in Australia.

After deputation, the Halls spent 4 years helping another missionary plant Shoalhaven Baptist Church in Nowra, New South Wales.  The LORD then led the Halls to Sydney to plant Northern Baptist Church.  While in Sydney the Halls taught at Sydney Bible Baptist College and were blessed with two more precious children – David and Daniel.

Australians are pastoring the churches the Halls started or helped start, and one of them is a graduate of the Bible college where the Halls taught.  During their previous term, Jon felt the LORD burdening his heart to help Aussies start churches.  They presently assist a Mauritian Australian in planting Living Hope Baptist Church in Taree, New South Wales.

Jon and Marie are thankful for the Bible college education and experience they received at Fairhaven.  They learned here to work hard at any job the LORD gives you, often as the first on site and last to leave; to look for opportunities to serve and help; and to be friendly, Gospel-proclaiming, Bible-based, conservative Christians emphasizing church planting and Christian education.

The Halls are currently at Living Hope Baptist Church in Taree, New South Wales.

Former students that are now pastoring.

The Hall family during early deputation.

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Preaching Conference and College Days 2017

This year's Preaching Conference was a very special time of Biblical preaching and sincere fellowship among many pastors, missionaries, and laymen. A special blessing this year was hearing a number of our own graduates preach. We thank the Lord for His working in our midst.

We are grateful for the young people who joined us for College Days this year also.

**The music on both of the slideshows is from our new CD, Throw out the Lifeline, by the men's groups of Fairhaven Baptist Church.


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Chris (’95) and Christine (’86 Walleck) Hilmer

I am Chris Hilmer (1995), and my wife is Christine Walleck (1986). We have been missionaries in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Canada since 1999. Our first ministry was in the city of Drummondville where we studied the language, adjusted to a very different culture, and helped a French-Canadian family to plant a new church. After three years, we moved an hour south to the city of Sherbrooke where we have worked for fifteen years planting a church.

Although Quebec was traditionally a rural, Roman Catholic society, enormous changes began to take place in the 1960's that transformed it into a modern society with a secular outlook. Places that are similar would include Holland or the Scandinavian countries. Church planters here must be resilient, patient, and focused on the future.  Converts in Quebec are not won overnight, and discipleship is often a slow process.

Over the years we have passed out hundreds of thousands of tracts across our region, most of which have fallen on stony ground. We rejoice, though, that we have over the years seen dozens saved, baptized, and added to the church. We have also seen some of our young people head off to Bible College (including Caleb Rouillard), and a few are serving the Lord full-time. Our desire remains to train someone to take this work but materialism, reticence on the part of French-Canadians, the lack of a Biblical heritage, and other factors have militated against the realization of this goal.

We are thankful for the training that we received at Fairhaven, especially the myriad of opportunities to work in different ministries.  Five years of labor in the projects of Gary prepared us for our ministry here in ways that we could not begin to understand at the time.  I am also thankful for a faithful core of church workers and church members at Fairhaven who taught us many things about serving the Lord during our nearly seven years in Chesterton, I Cor. 15:58.

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