Michael (’05) and Stephanie (’05 Gardner) Roadcup

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Graduates Around the World, News


We are Michael and Stephanie Roadcup living in the heart of picturesque Amish country in Lancaster County, PA. We are both Fairhaven Baptist College graduates who graduated in 2005. We have been happily married since 2006 and serving in our local church at Bible Baptist Church in Leola PA, under Pastor Alan Gardner. 

Our church is busy and we have a special place in our hearts for our children’s ministries. It has been our privilege to serve in the Bus ministry for over 16 years! Michael serves as bus captain, bus driver, deacon, and usher, while I am the church pianist, plan special music and choir numbers, serve on the bus, teach music and piano in our Christian school and help out with our Wednesday evening kid’s clubs. We just recently had our Fun Fair for our church kids and bus kids and saw many come out and receive a clear presenta-tion of the Gospel. We just recently got a new bus for our Lancaster route that we are so excited about. It has AIR CON-DITIONING!! We feel super spoiled. 🙂 

For many years we prayed for a baby but the Lord had other plans for us. Then miraculously, three years ago, we were blessed with a little girl who we named Elaine. We absolute-ly love being parents. She will be three November 3rd and every day with her is a testament to us of God’s goodness as He answered ours, our church family’s and friends many years of prayer! 

Outside of church ministries, Michael is president of a food distribution company called Esh Foods which focuses on dis-tributing not only Amish made goodies, but quality food to many farmers markets, grocery stores and orchards from New York to Tennessee. While for many years I worked in marketing and event planning, I have taken time off work since our daughter has been born to be at home for her and this has allowed me to be available to help out in the church more. 

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we continue to serve Him!