Volleyball Marathon

Over the years we have made many efforts to keep costs down so that college education can be affordable for young people going into full-time Christian service. One of these ways is our annual Volleyball Marathon.

We have two teams that will be playing volleyball for a total of 36 continuous hours. The object is for our students to find people willing to sponsor their team for a minimum of $10. This sponsorship will be put to good use in their educational pursuits. Many of our students are “on their own” for their college bills, so we make every effort to make college affordable for them.

Please use the form below to start the process. Please include the name or names of the students you are sponsoring. The deadline to get money in for a student’s credit is Friday, March 15, at 3:00 p.m.

Credit and debit card donations are accepted below. (For those who are familiar with giving through our Paypal giving, please go here to donate.)