Tim (’99) and Sarah Weech

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Graduates Around the World

Hello! My name is Timothy Weech, and I graduated from Fairhaven in 1999, having experienced the best time of my life second to family, home and church.  I was at Fairhaven, because I thought the Lord had called me to preach, and I graduated with a degree in Pastoral Theology with a Minor in Greek.  Probably the most valuable experiences while I was on campus was the preaching, both in chapel and church services!  God always uses His Word in our lives to direct us and guide us into His will!  I have learned even more though having been graduated for over 20 years to help me have a tender heart and listen to His voice, because His ways are not our ways.  I struggled to find exactly what He had for me back then, and having graduated, I went back home to my home church El Vista Baptist in Peoria, IL, at the time to play the piano and teach in the church ministries.

The Lord allowed me to flip my vehicle at that time and go through severe headaches to the extreme that only chiropractic adjustments helped, and it was through that experience that I believed the Lord wanted me to pursue going back to school to help people in that way, all the while still active in my home church and preaching at the Rescue Mission in Peoria, IL.

I graduated from Chiropractic College in 2012 and just in 2019, was allowed to open my own business, but always the primary reason being pointing people to the Lord.  Just this year, I was able to see a patient come to my home church, now at Faith Baptist in Eureka, IL, and trust the Lord as her Saviour!

I now direct the music at Faith Baptist, preach at the Rescue Mission (both at the women’s and the men’s), at which my wife is also active in ministering with me, help people at my Chiropractic Clinic in Minonk, IL, and then, I am also a school bus driver in Eureka, IL, which is in itself a ministry!  We are in a very conservative county in IL, but as we can tell in the families, the light of the gospel is still very needed here!  My wife, Sarah, is also a teacher in the district, specifically helping with the special needs children, and has a heart for her kids as well!  In my spare time, I get to teach piano lessons, father 7 kids, with the oldest being 20 now, and arrange music!


I would say in the undergraduate program as an 18 year old, the best advice would be to have a tender heart and listen very closely to the Lord!  Every step counts in the path that He has for you and we don’t know our own hearts!  But undergraduate is just the beginning!  He has an awesome purpose for you that is fulfilling and satisfying, seeing people saved and helping them with their physical needs!  And, believe me, He knows more than you what is ahead and what is the best way for you!  It is unique for everyone, and for that reason, there is no reason to compare!


But, hands down, the best education I have had starting out as an adult was Fairhaven Baptist College! I have had the chance to come back and visit every once in a while, and am very grateful for the unchanging faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ at Fairhaven!

We are praying for you!   Thank you for this opportunity!

Timothy and Sarah Weech