Our History

The Lord’s Blessing

The history of Fairhaven Baptist College is inseparably linked to Fairhaven Baptist Church, which was itself founded in 1970 by Dr. Roger Voegtlin. After struggling through the first year, the church blossomed into one of America’s fastest growing ministries. At four years old, the church was running five hundred in attendance, had beautiful new facilities, including a new auditorium, forty acres of land, and an academy with over 350 students.


It was at this time that Pastor Voegtlin and Fairhaven Baptist Church began to battle the government over the rights to train children for God. Over one hundred thousand dollars was spent for the fight, but God blessed. There was great victory and the church was nationally acclaimed for its stand. In the next few years, attendance soared to an average of 2,000 per Sunday. By the eighth anniversary, Fairhaven was recognized as America’s largest and fastest growing young church with a high attendance of over 5,600.

We Stand Apart

Fairhaven Baptist College was founded in 1977 in the midst of this period of tremendous growth. Although Fairhaven Baptist Church is a sizeable ministry, Fairhaven Baptist College was established to be a small personal college with strong academics and practical training for those entering full-time Christian service. Throughout its history, separation from the world and character building have been key components of Fairhaven’s philosophy. The staff at Fairhaven endeavors to instill the type of grit into students that will compel them to stand against the Lord’s adversaries no matter what the consequences. Graduates who live by this philosophy can be found throughout the United States and on numerous foreign fields.