Valuable Training

Fairhaven Baptist College assures the student of being academically equipped to accomplish the job the Lord has called him to. Students receive a solid base of scholarship by well-qualified, hand-picked professors.

Well-qualified professors teach Biblical studies as well as liberal arts courses, such as history, English, speech, mathematics, the sciences, education, and business courses. Added to this, Fairhaven has the finest practical training for Christian service in the nation. People who have truly accomplished success in their fields impart to the student knowledge gained from their experience. Courses on the pastorate, camp ministry, bus ministry, youth pastorate, missions, and coaching, for instance, are taught by those who have built a reputation in their fields.

Courses Of Study

  • Pastoral Theology
  • Sacred Music
  • Missions
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Two-year Associates in Bible
  • Two-year Associates of Arts in Church Ministries (Women)
  • Master of Arts in Bible
  • Master of Divinity (for non-Bible college graduates)
  • Master of Education

For a description of each major, please call (219) 926-6636 and request a college catalog, or go here to view the catalog online.