Our Goal

Because the goal of Fairhaven Baptist College is to keep student costs to a minimum, it maintains one of the lowest room, board, and tuition rates of any Christian college in the nation.

List of Costs

Tuition per semester (12-18 hours) – $2,515
Less than 12 hours, per hour – $190
Hours over 18, per hour – $115
Room and Board, per semester – $1,815
Graduate Tuition, per hour – $190

Additional Costs

Application Fee (non-refundable) – $50
Registration Fee (non-refundable, per semester) – $130
Transcript Fee – $8
Student Services Fee (per semester) – $425
Insurance Fee (per semester) – $30
Dormitory Deposit – $50

*For additional fees, see the catalog.
*Fees subject to change.

Textbooks may total between $150 and $300 per semester, depending on the individual student’s course of study.

All fees must be paid before classes begin.

Two-thirds of the school bill is due Friday before the week of finals.  If it is not paid by this deadline, a fee of $200 is charged to the bill.  If two-thirds is still not paid by the end of the following semester’s drop/add period, the student will not be allowed to continue attending classes.

Graduating seniors must have their bill paid in full or secure a loan in order to receive their degree and participate in commencement exercises.