Immigration Information for Undergraduate Applicants

A generous scholarship program has been developed for those with dedication and excellence. These scholarships are limited, and a student must be accepted into the college by July 15 in order to apply for a specific scholarship.

Pastor’s Scholarship — $1,000 available to deserving students recommended in writing by their pastors.

Academic Honors — $4,000 scholarship available to any recipient of valedictorian or salutatorian award.

Christian Character Award — $4,000 scholarship available to students of strong academic achievement and high pastoral recommendation.

Foreign Missionary Scholarship — A four-year, discounted tuition scholarship awarded to students whose parents are presently on a foreign mission field.

      • All scholarships are granted according to need and availability.
      • Scholarships do not apply to students who are studying online only.
      • Only 1 scholarship type can be requested.

For more information or a scholarship application call 1-800-733-3422.

Fairhaven Baptist College has been approved by the State of Indiana Approving Agency for participation in VA education benefits. Qualifying students may use this financial benefit toward tuition costs. Contact the admissions office for further information about this program.

Because of their reputation for being hard-working employees, Fairhaven Baptist College students are regularly sought out by local employers. Transportation is provided for many of the students, and both men and women have ample opportunity to be employed. Along with this, the administration makes every effort to assist students in obtaining work in the Chesterton area.