Joy Zdziarski (’19)

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Graduates Around the World

Hello from New Mexico!  My name is Joy Zdziarski.  I graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College in 2019.  Teaching in Las Cruces, NM has been such an unexpected blessing.  When I signed on to teach at Cornerstone Christian Academy, I did not expect to last longer than a year. Well, three years later I am still teaching.  I have a great group of kids, and I love being their teacher.  Once again God’s way was best.  No surprise there!  I remember after my first year of teaching, I told God I was done doing what He wanted.  I wanted to “do something with my life.” I wanted a “real job” where I could make a difference.  God gave me a few minutes to realize the foolishness of my thoughts before He slapped me upside the head.  He was allowing me to make a difference every single day when I stood in front of my kids.  Every day I was not only able to impart academics and information to my students, but I was able to share Christ!  I was able to make a difference in the life of one of my students every single day that I taught.  Wow!  Turns out I was too busy throwing a fit over being a teacher to realize that a teacher was exactly what I wanted to be.  Now, is teaching a walk in the park?  Oh no, there are absolutely some ups and downs.  (Teaching 1st grade was definitely a rough patch).  Do I always love my job, love teaching? No. But this I do know, every day as I walk into the classroom as a teacher, God has given me the ability to make a difference.

I am currently teaching 7th-12th grade at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  I am an active member of Cornerstone Baptist Church which we proudly call “the busiest little church you’ll ever see.”  I enjoy serving in various ministries such as primary Sunday School and Bus.

One of the main attractions of Las Cruces (and quite possibly the only attraction) is hiking in the Organ Mountains and its surroundings.  Often on my days off you can find me on the trails exploring and hiking…or checking out a local coffee shop.

I have no idea what the future holds, but for now I am where God wants me, making a difference just one day and one student at a time.

-Joy Zdziarski