Steve (’05) and Rebekah Boots

FBC Alumni Steve Boots ('05) and his family recently planted a church in metropolitan Richmond, Virginia. There were 42 people in attendance for the first service of Mount Victory Baptist Church.

In preparation for the first service, the Boots hosted a Community Day in the park on September 10 and had 191 people from the community come. They used this as a way to get their name out and then followed up on the addresses they received from the event. Several of these people came for the first service.

They were able to pass out just under 20,000 John/Romans and invitations into the community prior to their start. They also had a few visitors come over the first few nights of their "Getting Acquainted Meetings." These meetings were a very valuable time for the Boots. It helped them get comfortable with what they were doing, and it also opened their eyes to the fact that they cannot rely solely on throwing a lot of work and time into something and expect results. God has to be the One to send the people.

Please pray for the Boots as they continue to knock on doors and reach this area for Christ.



Steve ('05) and Rebekah Boots and their 3 children

fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-8-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-3-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-1-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-7-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-2-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-4-of-8 fairhaven-baptist-church-steve-boots-5-of-8

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FBC World Series

Fairhaven's version of the "College World Series" played out last Wednesday. Competition, as always, was intense. In the end, the "Yankees" came out on top. Click here or on the picture below to view more pictures!



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2016 FBC Soccer Team

Roster (listed from back row left to right, then front row left to right)

Name Year Hometown
Mathew Good Sophomore Willis, Michigan
Jacob Martin Junior Chesterton, Indiana
John Olson Freshman Chesterton, Indiana
Michael Santucci Sophomore Massillon, Ohio
Joseph Payton Sophomore Chesterton, Indiana
David Bottrell Junior Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
David Crego Freshman Chesterton, Indiana
Trevor Golden Senior Jefferson City, Missouri
Caleb Rouillard Sophomore Quebec, Canada
Levi Armacost Freshman Chesterton, Indiana
Jim Hunt Sophomore Chesterton, Indiana
Ben Martin Senior Chesterton, Indiana
Jared Dircks Senior Felton, Pennsylvania
Abraham Olorunlowo Freshman Nigeria, Africa
Lawrence Rooney Freshman Urbana, Ohio
Coach Clint Schreiber


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Empowered Youth 2016

Click on the picture below to uncover what Empowered Youth holds this November. Set aside November 14-17, 2016!


This post first appeared here.

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Jason (’96) and Heather (Ingalls ’95) Brenenstuhl

We are currently in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at Wyldewood Baptist Church where Jason has been the Senior Pastor for the last 4 years.  After moving back to the States from Zambia, Africa we worked out in New York as an assistant pastor for Dr. Rodger Bottrell.  In 2009 we moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin where Jason worked as an assistant pastor/youth pastor for about 4 years before becoming the Senior pastor.  Heather has taught in Wyldewood Christian School and is currently working as a secretary for the church.  We have 5 children – Harmony is 18 and has just graduated from High School.  She is currently working as a receptionist for our local hospital and plans on going to Bible College in a year.  Joshua is 17 and is a Senior in High School.  He is enjoying soccer and basketball and Bible Quiz meets with other churches in Wisconsin.  Hannah is 15 and a Sophmore in High School.  She loves music, and friends, and school drama plays.  Reagan is 11 and is in 6th grade where he is enjoying finally making the soccer team and competing in our Wednesday night Kings Kids program.   Jackson is 7 and in 2nd grade and enjoys friends, school, and collecting frogs and bugs from anywhere he can find them.  Our long term plans are to continue as Senior pastor of Wyldewood Baptist Church and working with our current outreach ministries.  We have several missions ministries based out of our church – Baptist Couriers for Christ reaching into the eastern European countries; Wings as Eagles a flight based missions program that teaches young men to fly as well as running missions trips into Mexico, Canada, Alaska, various areas of the United States and as far out as Cameroon Africa; Master Craftsmen is a ministry that helps other churches with their building projects; and Bearing Precious Seed where we print John and Romans and tracts and other Bible materials to help churches all over the world.  We are also reaching out to our communities and State through our Kings Daughters ministry- a ladies meeting for churches across Wisconsin, Teen Mania – a teen meeting for churches across Wisconsin, Blue and White Sunday – reaching out to our surrounding law enforcement; and Wyldewood Watchmen – our ministry reaching out into the political world.  We are excited to see what God can do in our hometown, across the state, and into the rest of the world.

The Brenenstuhls



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Campus Improvements

This summer's campus renovations included new flooring in the dining hall, remodeled bathrooms in the men's dormitory, tree removal and landscaping by the gazebo, construction of a retaining wall by the ladies' dormitory, needed repairs in the ladies' dorm rec. room, and a complete rebuild of the ladies' dorm front entry.

campus-improvements-2016-1-of-3 campus-improvements-2016-2-of-3 campus-improvements-2016-3-of-3

fairhaven-baptist-church-remodeling-2016-3-of-30campus-improvements-2016-5-of-7fairhaven-baptist-church-remodeling-2016-1-of-30 fairhaven-baptist-church-remodeling-2016-2-of-30

campus-improvements-2016-8-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-7-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-9-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-11-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-14-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-15-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-21-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-22-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-23-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-24-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-27-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-26-of-30 campus-improvements-2016-6-of-7 campus-improvements-2016-4-of-7 campus-improvements-2016-3-of-7 campus-improvements-2016-2-of-7

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Opening Week

The 40th year of Fairhaven Baptist College began last week.

We praise the Lord for the students that God has sent here to Fairhaven Baptist College.  We count it a privilege to train servants for His service! The highlight of the week was having Dr. Mike Allison here to preach in chapel.  Dr. Allison, who is pastor of Madison Baptist Church in Madison, Alabama, is always a blessing when he comes, and this year was no exception.  Dr. Allison's two daughters, Kari Smith ('02) and Kathy Ashley ('93), are both graduates of FBC.  Dr. Allison also spoke at our annual Stewardship Banquet.

Follow the link to watch the video.


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Eli (’97) and Mari-lyn (Looman ’01) Schrock

Watch the informative video to see what God is doing in Cambodia.

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Dave and Mary (’80) Barker

Scripture Memory Ministry
Every word of God is pure. Proverbs 30:5
David and Mary Barker
110 S. Mineral Springs Rd.
Porter, IN 46304
Home: (219) 926-5161 cell: (219) 771-9916

Dear Praying Friends in Christ,

This year is going very well. We had some wonderful meetings in Florida with many good salvation and other decisions in January and February. We had our model trains with us on this trip and we set it up in several churches. It helped bring out many visitors. I even had the privilege to speak at a boy’s ranch while in Florida! This was something new and exciting for me; and what a thrill to see the altar filled during the invitation!

My wife and I have also been to Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee already this year. Many of these meetings were 3 and 4 day revivals, and one of them was a soul winning seminar. I also preached at 2 graduations. That was certainly an honor and a privilege.

We will be traveling to Arkansas, and then to two meetings in the Chicago area before I travel out to the Pacific northwest for several Vacation Bible Schools. The churches in Washington and Idaho will be enjoying the model train layout with their VBS programs. I am excited about taking with me a teen boy to help with the trains, VBS, and to learn about the ministry. I will also be going to a new church in Oregon. Mrs. Barker will be staying home to enjoy a long needed break, and to spend time with her family.

Please pray that God will continue to bless our ministry and supply our needs. We also ask that you pray for safety on the roads for us as we travel. We are still looking for more churches to support us. We are excited to travel to churches trying to get them into their Bibles, and to depend upon God’s Word for the answers.

In His Service,

David and Mary Barker


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FBC Update – Student Internships

Our students are encouraged to enhance their college instruction through practical ministry service, including internships. A few of the students involved in the 2016 summer internship program are pictured below.

Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (11 of 11)

Dustin Brinkerhoff preaching at Incheon Int'l Baptist Church in South Korea.


Joseph Payton (left) and Ben Martin (middle) ministering to children at a VBS.

Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (2 of 11)

Bethlie Hall (second from the right) and Jennifer Damron (far right) with the Rich family in Zambia, Africa.

Fairhaven Baptist Church Teen Camp (1001 of 1051)

Cassie Boal (middle) ministering at Teen Camp 2016.


Michael Santucci at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Ohio.


Michael Santucci traveled to Belize, Central America, as a part of his internship at Cornerstone.

VBS Setup

Nicole James preparing for a VBS in Maryland.

Retaining Wall

Ben Martin working on the grounds of Hunt Valley Baptist Church.

Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (1 of 6)

Heather Hunt (left) and Jim Hunt (not pictured) assisted throughout the summer at Camp Fairhaven.

Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (10 of 11)

Dustin Brinkerhoff teaching in Korea.


Sara Dupre (along with David Crego, Valerie Hart, and Raechel Liss) was a counselor at Wildwood Camp, a ministry of Independent Baptist Church in West Virginia (Pastor Terry Cumberland).

IMG_7528 DSC_2907 DSC_2905 Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (6 of 11) Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (3 of 11) Fairhaven Baptist College Interships (1 of 11) CIMG3812[1] CIMG3784[1]

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