Social Networking Policy

Another issue arising from Internet use is social networking.  While some people find this to be a useful avenue of communication, it is also riddled with dangers ranging from wasting time to moral compromise.  In fact, many good pastors have told us that at their Christian schools, no student is permitted to be a member of a social networking site.  Such is the case at our Christian day school, Fairhaven Christian Academy.

In light of the proven and potential dangers of social networking sites, Fairhaven Baptist College has adopted the following rules for their use by its students:  All social networking sites that a student utilizes will be accessible at any time by the dorm supervisors and staff (if a dorm student).  A list of social network sites utilized must be submitted at the start of each semester.

If at any time the use of a social networking site is found to be detrimental to a student’s personal, mental, or spiritual well-being, he must agree to withdraw himself from that account.  A parent, pastor, dorm supervisor, or the Dean of Students may make this assessment.

As every discerning person knows, these rules are for the benefit and safety of all involved.  The wiles of the devil are growing increasingly dangerous.  A Christian who is not walking circumspectly in this day is foolish.