Ron (’13) and Melissa Quick

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Graduates Around the World, News

Over the seven years since graduating from Fairhaven Baptist College, I have often thought of the spiritual challenge I received after the first activity we had on Labor Day of 2010. Bro. Eric Ramos spoke on the events in Elijah’s life as he hid from Ahab in the wilderness and was fed by the ravens. His key thought was to ask God to “do a miracle in my life” during our time spent at Fairhaven. I can honestly relate that God has done just that. He has performed many miracles in my life since that day, but ultimately His purpose for my life has been only realized because of the short time I was a part of the ministry at Fairhaven Baptist College.

After returning home following graduation in 2013 I worked a secular job for a year while staying heavily involved with the ministries of my new church home, Fostoria Baptist Church in Fostoria, MI. I knew that the Lord wanted me to unite with this place and serve in it. They had an incredibly young day-school ministry that had started in 2008. In the Lord’s timing they started the secondary grades the following year and I was asked to be the teacher for them. I have remained a teacher in the secondary since then.

My wife’s name is Melissa. She and I started dating my first year back home from college. She used to be the Grade 3-4 teacher in the Academy. We were engaged and married after my first year of teaching. From there we had our first daughter, Karis, in the fall of 2016. Our second daughter, Elaina, was born last summer.

In the summer of 2018, I was asked to step into the role of principal to better assist our pastor in leading this growing ministry. Currently my wife now teaches music part-time in the academy as well.

Our school is first and foremost a ministry of our local church. The students are all members of our church. This has been a huge blessing to me, as I know our ministry benefits the church body as a whole. This also keeps our numbers more manageable since we do not have a large number of teaching staff.

Just as everywhere else in our country, this past year offered many unique challenges to our ministry. While the uncertainty was abundant and the knowledge of what to do was greatly lacking, the Lord supplied and fulfilled every need. He granted us the wisdom of how to continue and conclude our school year in the midst of state mandated lockdowns. He then supplied our needs financially as a church. The school also has been miraculously provided for. We plan to begin in the fall with all the teachers we need, and all of the students are returning as well. Our God is good!

As the years rush past, I am constantly reminded of the many lessons learned during my time at college. I have often tried to infuse these lessons into my teaching. I thank the Lord often for the miracles He has done in my life, and the many blessings He has bestowed. May God continue to use Fairhaven Baptist Church and College for the time we have left on this earth to fulfill this Great Commission that He has given us.

I thank you for your prayers and the opportunity to update you on my life experiences in the ministry!

In Christ,

Ronald Quick

Psalm 34:6