Leon and Rebecca (’06 Gaus) Staal

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Graduates Around the World, News

Greetings from a dairy farm in Zambia!

We hope all is well with you.

We are happy to report that the rainy season has begun.  After three years of insufficient rains, the dams are empty and the water table is very low.  We’ve been praying for a good rainy season and it is shaping up to be that way.

It is a blessing to be involved in our local church.  Leon teaches the New Converts Sunday school class.  This ministry holds a special place in his heart as he ministers to a small group of believers on a weekly basis.  Because of growing up here in Zambia, he knows the Zambian people very well and how to effectively disciple them.  Leon uses the ABC’s of Christian Growth in this class which is a wonderful tool in discipling the new believers.

Also, on Saturdays, Leon has a small Bible study at the Good Samaritan Center which provides housing and job training for convicts just released from prison.  Several men have been saved over the past few years.  One man in particular is named Duncan.  He is now employed on our farm and is quickly becoming one of our best employees.  As is the case with such a ministry, many of the men that have been saved move back to their village.  We pray that they continue in their Christian walk.

Rebecca is the Junior Church teacher for the 5-10 year old class.  That class is a special blessing to her.  It was quite a different experience to learn how to teach the children here compared to the bus route.  The kids weren’t quite sure what to do with an overly energetic “mzungu” (white person) in front of the class.  But they are learning lots of new Sunday school songs, books of the Bible, missionary stories, and a newly implemented character trait that accompanies a verse.  What a joy to teach these children.  They come from a variety of homes and situations just like in the States.  Though ministering on another continent, the goal is still the same:  to instill in them the Word of God and their need of a Saviour.

Our family is doing well.  We have been blessed with two children:  Liesl (2 years old) and Jules (4 months).

It is also a joy for us to see a few of the young people from Fairhaven come here to serve the Lord whether on short term or long term missions trips.  It is a blessing to see them take a step of faith and serve the Lord here in Kabwe.  We are praying for more people to come help our Pastor and his wife so that our town of approximately 500,000 people can be reached for Christ.

We send many warm regards to our friends and family in the States.


Leon and Rebecca Staal