John (’14) and Tracey Kuhn

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Graduates Around the World, News

The Life and Times of the Kuhn Family!

Time as certainly gone by fast since I have left Fairhaven almost 3.5 years ago.  We arrived here in Lyons, NY on June 10, 2014 and served as the Assistant Pastor under Dr. Roger Bottrell until May 7th, 2015, when he went into the field of Evangelism.  I took the reins of the church as the Interim Pastor and on February 3rd, 2016, God led Maranatha Baptist Church of Lyons, NY to call me as their Senior Pastor.  In the two plus years that I have led the church, we have seen families leave, as any new Pastor does, but we have seen several saved and baptized also, along with 3 Christian families join the church.  It was my great privilege to baptize a husband and wife who had left the Mennonite Church and did get saved.  They are a very young couple with two small children, who are very hungry to learn all of the truth they can get a hold of.  This is exciting to a church that has a mostly older congregation (for a while we were one of the youngest and I will be 49 in December!).  They join a small but growing number of young people in our church.  There is another couple I was honored to be able to marry almost two years ago now that has committed their lives to the Lord.  They attend every service and are involved in different facets of the church.  Both of these young couples even came to our special Tuesday night prayer meetings in preparation for our Friend Day we just had.  We have a VBS every July and it is always a different theme.  There is A LOT of work that goes into it and the kids love it.  In the time that I have been here, we have seen God bless tremendously in this event, we usually see a few make professions of faith and the gospel is given in every aspect during the 2.5 hours the kids are here.  This year, God gave us 101 different kids by our Sunday Night finale!!!  This is bigger than you might think; because of the makeup of our church, we only have 8 church kids, so that means God brought over 90 kids from the outside in, although 15 of those were from other Baptist churches in the area.  Maranatha Christian School is growing, we have 8 students this year, which a strong potential for 11 or more next year.  We are so blessed to be here at Maranatha with great saints of God, serving our Lord and Savior together!  Casey and Caleb are doing well in California, and Miranda finished her second year at Fairhaven, studying secretarial.