Jeremy (’04) and Heather (Lewis ’04) Ingalls

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Graduates Around the World, News

It has been so exciting to see all the opportunities that God has given us to serve. Being
an over the road missionary has brought its challenges to raising a family and being
involved in our local church. We are constantly all over the country in other churches
but seldom home to be involved in our own church or have the kids on any kind of a
schedule. But this last year with us building our own home has forced me to be around a
little more. Because we were around this year we had the opportunity for the boys to be
involved in basketball and I got to help with the girls Basketball team. The interesting
thing is that the children were recently asking when we get to go on our next long trip
because they miss the traveling. I was a little surprised, because we have been on several
short trips and the longer trips can be very exhausting. So we asked the kids to write
down what they liked so much about traveling and this is what they said.

David (age 13)
“I like to travel, because of the sights I get to see. We have seen the Alamo, Mount
Rushmore, and much more. We also get to see the things God created like mountains,
beautiful lakes, rivers and forests. Traveling with my family is so much fun! I am glad
that we get to have fun and serve Christ.”

Corban (age11)
“The thing I like most about traveling are the Missions Conferences. Things start out
awkward at first, but then you start making friends. Also, you get good food most of the

Clayton (age 11)
“I really like traveling in the ministry because we get to see all the cool sights. We have
been to the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. I think it is really fun to be with my
family. We have so many fun memories!”

Kaytlynn (age 9)
“I really like traveling because of the time we spend together as family. I sometimes get
to see my cousins in other states. I also like visiting new churches and making new
friends. I still miss my cousins, friends, and family that are back home.

I am so thankful that my children love the ministry that God has called us in. We have a
busy year of traveling ahead of us as we will be from New York State all the way down to
Texas. Plus I will be in Lithuania and Ukraine. We are excited to see what memories this
year brings. Remember it is when things don’t go well that memories are made.

Because of Christ,

Jeremy & Heather

David, Corban, Clayton, and Kaytlynn