Jason (’97) and Becky (Finch ’98) Muller

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Graduates Around the World, News

The Mullers are missionaries in Mongolia. They recently moved their church into another building. This was a blessing, but there was much needed remodeling. Here are some pictures of their remodeling work as well as some other pictures from their ministry!

Redoing the entryway Sunday morning Junior class Primary class - Maggie & Bilgee are teachers The Littlest Helper Maggie passing out birthday presents to her primary class kids Making ice cream boats, the kids love them! Games and Everyone's Birthday Activity Holly & Lkhamaa in the SS room Some more ingenuitive than others Teens, one faithful boy hadn't been promoted from Juniors till the next week Hard to get around all the little spots It is not snowing - it's dust from sanding the walls! Lkhamaa fillng holes in the SS room downstairs Teens with Lkhamaa in the SS room Dinner in old building after work Mixing Knauff - maybe wallhole filling putty Take the dates when you can get 'em! Working on doing something with the ceiling Jacks of all trades Lkhamaa got into her work, literally! Looking from front doors to auditorium room Step 2, fill holes and cracks Huslen, has come since she was 8 Maybe a new headband style Step 1, peel wallpaper Two little workers