Jason (’06) and Elizabeth (’15 Gonzalez) Dunbar

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Graduates Around the World, News

After graduating in the spring of 2006, I returned to my home church, Freedom Baptist Church, in Auburn, New York. While I waited for the Lord’s direction in regards to full time service, I worked construction and served in various ministries of my church as an assistant to our assistant pastor. After facing discouragement about the fact that I had been out of college several years and was not married or in full time service, I was greatly encouraged through a conversation with Pastor Lou Guadagno. He explained to me that I was a blessing to my church in that I was able to serve in my church without being a financial burden. I finally came to a place of contentment and accepted that the Lord had given me a great job in order to help support my church and that I was serving Him to the best of my ability.

In the spring of 2013, the college ensemble came to my church and I met my future wife, Elizabeth Gonzalez. We married after her graduation in 2015. We stayed at my home church for two years. I was still working construction and
Elizabeth was teaching in the public school. In June of 2016, the Lord made it clear that He was moving us to a full time ministry. Shortly after, we were in contact with Pastor C.M. Mosley in Haltom City, Texas. We moved in July 2017.

I am currently serving as the assistant pastor of our church, First Baptist Church- Haltom City and as a teacher
in our Christian school. Together, Elizabeth and I serve our teen group and do whatever we can to lighten our pastor’s burden. Elizabeth teaches kindergarten and helps our pastor’s wife with ministering to our ladies. We are working to
build our bus ministry and we have even started a bus route to a retirement home! God is moving in very special ways in our church and blessing the soul winning ministry. In the past year we have seen two new families attending faithfully and many visitors as a result of knocking on doors in our city.

God blessed us with a little boy, William, last spring. We pray that God will give us wisdom as we raise
him for His glory. Elizabeth and I praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him full time down here in

The Dunbars