Jason (’03) and Aimee (Hoover ’03) Atwood

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Graduates Around the World, News

This past month of March has been busy for our church and personal lives. The beginning of the month included our quarterly youth rally that we host at our church. Last year our youth pastor had the burden to start a regional youth rally. The first one included 6 different churches with about 50 teens in attendance. This last one in March had about 5 different churches attend with 45 total teens. It has been a blessing to see good teens from different churches of like faith here in our area come together for preaching and games.

March is also Spring Break for our Christian school. This year our family drove to Mississippi to see my wife’s sister and her family with their new baby. We enjoyed the time away and being able to see family.

Every month we take one of our regular Saturday soul winning times and call it “Super Saturday”. We design postcards to advertise for a special day in our church or to highlight a ministry. We order 1,000 of them and blitz a neighborhood on that Saturday. This past Saturday was an invitation to our Easter service. We had 35 members come out to distribute the postcards.

Throughout this year, the Lord has steadily brought visitors through our doors. Some have been from our city, and others just traveling or vacationing, but it is always good to see guests in church and to know that our church can be found.

April always brings with it our Spring Campaign as it does with many churches.
This year we are focusing on building up our two bus routes and having activities
or a promotion every week for the kids. The first week we are taking the bus
through Sonic drivethru for ice cream cones!

Our annual faith promise missions conference is scheduled for the end of May
when our church is challenged to commit, by faith, an amount that they will give
to missions throughout the year. God has greatly blessed our missions program
over the last 9 years. The church currently supports 35 missionaries at $100 per
month and we are the sending of church of one family in the jungles of the
Amazon Basin. It is our desire to constantly keep the burden of Christ before
our people and to do every thing we can to fulfill the Great Commission in our