FBC Update – Summer Travel

by | Jun 23, 2015 | News

Since college graduation, various FBC groups and representatives have traveled across the nation and to several foreign countries. FBC has been represented in many states (from Maine to Utah), as well as churches and mission works in Canada, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-3

The ensemble enjoyed a morning at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Tioga, Pennsylvania. Pictured here are Pastor Steve (’91) and Jennifer (’92) Neff and their family.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015-7

Missionary Jon Rettig (l) and Dan Armacost (r) in Prague, Czech Republic

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-7

After the ensemble served at Lee Baptist Church in Lee, Maine, Pastor and Mrs. Bickford showed them around their beautiful state.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-8

The ensemble visited Niagara Falls en route to Bethel Baptist Church which is pastored by Dr. Wilbert Unger in London, Ontario, Canada.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-13

The ensemble members were privileged to be counselors at Independent Baptist Camp in Utah.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-6

Noah (’02) and Melissa (’02) Schrock and their family are pictured here with the ensemble at New England Baptist Church, Medford, Massachusetts.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015-4

Dan Armacost was able to preach and present FBC to the good people of Hohenfels Baptist Church in Hohenfels, Germany. Pictured here are Pastor John Radank and Dan Armacost.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015

While presenting FBC at Eifel Baptist Church (near Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Germany), the Armacosts enjoyed some fellowship with Jon (FBC alumni) and Sarah Loew.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015-8

Emilie Rettig (second from the left) and Jennifer Armacost (fourth from the left) are pictured here with several ladies of the church in Prague, Czech Republic.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015-3

The Armacosts were able to be with Missionary Philip Abbett and his family in Boves, France.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-11

The ensemble worked along side the people of Bethel Baptist Church (London, Ontario) for a special outreach day.

Fairhaven Baptist College Travel 2015-5

Dan Armacost preaching with an interpreter (Vladmir) in Prague.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015

The ensemble singing at a Memorial Day parade in Maine.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-4

Visiting D.C. after a service with Pastor Chris Corrigan in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Fairhaven Baptist College Ensemble 2014-2015-12

The ensemble enjoying some beautiful scenery on their way to Foothills Baptist Church in Loveland, Colorado.