Eebee Yadamsuren (’12)

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Graduates Around the World, News

Hello dear friends at Fairhaven Baptist Church and College,

FIND GOD’S WILL AND DO IT! All throughout my college years I saw this monument standing outside of our church
building. I always believed that when I graduated from college I would find God’s will and do it. Even though I did not find His
will right away after completing my teaching degree, I can say with certainty that God worked in my life in wonderful ways to
direct me to His will. His perfect will for me was to return to my beautiful country of Mongolia and serve Him!

Since 2013, I have been serving in Straight Paths Baptist Church, started by missionary Jason Muller. God has given memany different ways and opportunities to serve Him in my church. Every Sunday I teach in the 7-9 year old Sunday school class. My teaching partner and I visit those children every Saturday to encourage them to come to church. Through our visitation, we have established a good relationship with their parents and some have even come out to church. Straight Paths also has a solid group of teens who are wanting to live for God. I am thrilled to teach them during our weekly Bible studies; they are grasping truths from God’s Word! Something even closer to my heart is the active role I am able to take in discipleship of our teen girls and adult women. Each week, I spend one-on-one time using the ABC Christian Growth lessons.

I could never express my thankfulness to those from Fairhaven and from my own home church who encouraged me to never quit! This is especially true in the area of music. My pastor has given me opportunities to play the piano in both the church and teen’s services. I am also playing clarinet with a music group and I sing occasionally. It is a joy to be a Christian used by God, no matter how great or small. If God is able to use me in a variety of ways for Him, it is all because of the training I received at Fairhaven.

One of the many ways God has blessed me through Fairhaven is that He gave me such wonderful friends. They continue to encourage me, pray for me, and are always ready to lend a listening ear, albeit from the other side of the globe! Since graduation, two of my closest friends were able to visit my beautiful country and see the ministry I have here. God’s blessing is neverending!

In 2017, a significant event happened in our country. Mongolian people hold in their hands, for the first time, the correct Word of God, the New Testament. It was an answer to many people’s prayers. Many have prayed for years that someday Mongolians would have a Bible that is translated from the original text. In a miraculous way, God worked out all of the details and gave us part of His word! Perhaps you might be wondering now about the Old Testament? I’m overjoyed to tell you that a group of translators just started translating the Old Testament under the Trinitarian Bible Society of England. When I was training for the Lord’s service at Fairhaven Baptist College, I NEVER thought I would someday be one of the Bible translators! I am so thankful that teachers encouraged me to take linguistic classes along with Hebrew and Greek, even though I was majoring in Elementary Education. I am without a doubt putting everything I have learned from those language classes into practice.

I cannot even begin to say how much I am THANKFUL for my college, Fairhaven, for teaching me many valuable lessons—
I will treasure them always.
In Christ,
Elbegzaya Yadamsuren