Clint (’04) and Grace (’03 Porozynski) Ammann

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Graduates Around the World, News

Grace and I have been serving at Anchor Baptist Church in Salt Lake City, Utah since August of 2006.  It’s been more than ten years since we have come to Utah. God has been good each step of the way as we have seen Him bring us through difficult circumstances and bless time after time.  Serving in Utah is comparable to being on the mission field in many countries.

God has wondrously blessed in giving us two boys.  You may recall Quincy being born in 2012 while Grace was visiting family in Indiana.  Our youngest, Abel, was born in January of this year.

When we first came to Utah we understood that we would be working as teachers in Anchor Christian Academy.  Now more than ten years later, we could not have imagined all the ways in which we would be involved in the ministries of Anchor Baptist Church.  As people have come and gone, as they do at churches, God has allowed us to be used in an increasingly greater capacity.

Currently, Grace tends to our church office as our secretary and keeps the financial books for the church as well as the Academy, while also trying to maintain the church website.  She performs in a number of other capacities including teaching Sunday School and playing various instruments in the church services.

My duties in the classroom all day and the responsibility of being the principal of Anchor Christian Academy keep my life interesting and busy.  Teaching adult Sunday School has been one of the most enjoyable experiences while at Anchor.  I have been able to direct and participate in a number of ministries here including coaching, summer camp, VBS, and the nursing home.  I am also responsible for the music ministry at Anchor.  From time to time I get to fill the pulpit while Pr. Love is away.  Who could have guessed that God would use us in any of these capacities?  We have learned that being available and willing are two key ingredients to success in ministry.

It has been a particular blessing to see two of our recent graduates of Anchor Christian Academy finish Bible college and continue serving the Lord.  One of our students just returned from college and has begun teaching school in a fourth grade classroom.  Another of our graduates was voted in last year as the pastor of Park City Baptist Church right here in Utah.

There is a tremendous shortage of pastors, workers, and faithful Christians in the inter-mountain west. Please pray for us while we minister in Salt Lake City. Stop in and see us if you are in the area. We are looking forward to bringing our entire staff out to visit with you all during the upcoming Preaching Conference.

May your ministry, giving, and hard work along with God’s power be reflected in us.

In Christ,

Clint, Grace, Quincy, and Abel Ammann