Chimron and Kemisha (’13 Andrews) John

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Graduates Around the World, News

Greetings from a tiny lovely Island in the blue Caribbean Sea! As I look back on the journey I embraced coming to Fairhaven Baptist College, I must say that it has prepared me a great deal in many ways that I did not even expect. For that, I thank you all.  I graduated in the year 2013, well equipped and excited to return home to put all the things that I have learned into practice. Since I left Fairhaven to return home, the hand of God has been working tremendously. He has been giving me opportunities to do the things I have been trained to do.

My husband and I currently attend the Faith Independent Baptist Church, where we serve, and are both involved in various ministries.  My husband helps with the Music, Song leading, and preaching when the opportunity arises given that the pastor is out or he just to give someone an opportunity.


As for me, I am a kindergarten teacher and I thoroughly enjoy the ministries that I am involved in. Every Saturday we host a bible club, which I am blessed to be a part of, where the children at church as well as the community attend. This is a blessing since I love working with the children. and we get to reach children as well as their parents.  The Lord has also allowed me to be involved in children’s church on Sunday morning, where a group of us do a rotation so we are not always missing out on the morning service.

Our church also has a ladies and men’s group outreach. One of the things that our ladies group enjoy doing, is preparing food boxes. We do this every three months and distribute them out in the community, giving them to families that we see are in need. This is a joy for us, because through it, we also reach many people.

Recently, on July 21st, four days short of our wedding anniversary, the Lord has blessed my husband and me with a beautiful daughter, Abigail Joy. We look forward to training her up in the way that she should go, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  We both look forward to what more the Lord has in store for us and is willing to serve in any capacity in which He would have us.

Fairhaven, I am grateful for all the things that I have learned. It surely has been a blessing and is paying off. Keep up the good work and remain strong. I look forward to a visit in the not too distant future.

Kemisha and Chimron John