2017 PC Trivia – Round 8

by | Apr 5, 2017 | News

The conference is now less than three weeks away — time for Round 8 of the PC Trivia Contest!

Read carefully as instructions for entering this week’s contest have changed. The first person to comment on the original post, located at fairhavenbaptist.org, wins. Go ahead and give it a try, and don’t assume the previous comments are correct!

The winner will receive $150 toward travel expenses to come to the 2017 Preaching Conference. This prize is brought to you by the Adult Sunday School Class of Fairhaven Baptist Church.

Question: The multi-purpose building on campus was completed in what year?

Don’t forget to register on the Preaching Conference Registration Page!

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Round 1 – Bill Smith – Traverse City, Michigan

Round 2 – Esther (Castro) Stock – Dayton, Tennessee

Round 3 – Michelle (Kelso) Birney – Skowhegan, Maine

Round 4 – Geoff Gaus (Macungie, PA); Matt Furse (Custer, SD); Josh Hughes (Barnesville, PA); Amy Porozynski (Cockeysville, MD); Jason Atwood (Corpus Christi, TX); Daniel Kelso (Vallejo, CA); Andy Almanza (Lancaster, PA); Randy Love (Murray, Utah); Michelle Birney (Skowhegan, ME); Gary Zdziarski (Payson, Illinois)

Round 5 – Dan Bottrell (Berea, Kentucky)

Round 6 – Stacey Burke (Goshen, Ohio) and Karis Potter (Pleasantville, Iowa)

Round 7 – Jennifer Wright, Diana Gonzalez, and Jeff Voegtlin (These winners got the date correct due in part to being entrenched day and night in work parties getting the dorm ready!)