Heidi and Hilde Bickford

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Heidi Bickford
Heidi Bickford

Heidi and Hilde Bickford live in Lee, Maine, where their father, Mitch Bickford, is the pastor of Lee Baptist Church. Lee is a rural community in northern Maine. Both young ladies have numerous opportunities
working alongside their parents at church. They participated in the bus ministry, vacation Bible schools, the youth group, summer retreats, and the church music ministry. Every Monday night they went to the nursing home ministry with their father.

In addition to staying active in church ministries, both girls had other jobs, including shoveling snow (of which there is an abundance in Lee), stacking wood, cleaning houses, raking leaves, and picking vegetables.

As teenagers, Heidi and Hilde met several Fairhaven students, as the traveling ensembles would spend several
summer days at their church. Fairhaven Baptist College attracted Heidi and Hilde, as well as their father, because of not conforming to the world and standing firm on Biblical principles. Heidi enrolled at Fairhaven in 2010, and was followed the next year by her sister.

Hilde Bickford
Hilde Bickford

Jumping into the ministries at Fairhaven was not difficult for Heidi and Hilde, as they were accustomed to their
father’s outreach-oriented church. Both Heidi and Hilde traveled on this summer’s ensemble, going to states from New York to Nebraska. The Lord blessed as they saw visitors come to the services from the soulwinning efforts they participated Hilde in at various churches. They are glad to be a part of an ensemble whose purpose is not to “perform,” but rather to be a sincere blessing wherever they are.

Please pray for Heidi and Hilde as they prepare for God’s service at Fairhaven Baptist College.

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