Paul and Michelle Hoover (’10)

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Graduates Around the World

Paul & Michelle Hoover have two children, Silas (3) and Calloway (1).

We are excited about the future of Souls Harbor Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI.  My father pastored our church for 30 years and I was privileged to be voted in as Pastor in May of 2014.

After graduation, in the winter of 2010, I worked with my father in Milwaukee for a year. Michelle and I were married in August of 2011.  We helped with the youth, bus ministry, music, Lighthouse Christian Radio, etc.  In 2012, we moved to Corpus Christi, TX to be the Assistant Pastor to Pastor Jason Atwood.  We had the privilege of helping them start their Christian school and learned invaluable lessons under the ministry of Heritage Baptist Church.

God called us back to Milwaukee and Souls Harbor Baptist Church in 2014.  We had a smooth transition in leadership and have been seeing growth in our church, spiritually and numerically!

We recently held a Soul Winning Marathon and had 31 in attendance.  Fourteen people were saved and we are rejoicing in the new contacts!  Easter Sunday was an exciting time and we were grateful for a great crowd!  Our church handed out over 2,000 invitations to our special services.  God is bringing new families to our church.  We have expanded our discipleship program and are excited to see spiritual growth in the lives on of new Christians.

The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful building with plenty of room for growth.  We have made a few upgrades and are praying about neighboring properties to provide us with more parking.

Our Spring Campaign starts in May and will include a Blue & White Sunday.  We hope to encourage and evangelize the law enforcement of our community.  Milwaukee needs the Lord.  Our city has a very liberal approach to issues such as same-sex couples, abortion, etc.  We pray daily that He would grip the hearts of our leaders, that they would have godly wisdom, and would vote FOR the cause of Christ, not against.