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Fairhaven Baptist College was founded to train young people for God’s service. Hundreds have been prepared for full-time service as pastors, assistant pastors, missionaries, secretaries, and school teachers. Others have attended Fairhaven to become better-equipped laymen.

Fairhaven Baptist College is a distinct ministry of Fairhaven Baptist Church. The congregation is thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of training future soldiers for the Lord.


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Admissions at Fairhaven Baptist College are based on an evaluation of an applicant’s academic record, character, and commitment to the Lord. While academic achievement is important, the college also considers personal qualities and a desire to grow spiritually.

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Fairhaven Baptist College’s Masters program stands out for its emphasis on both academic excellence and character development, nurturing future leaders who are not only well-versed in the Bible but also guided by strong spiritual values.

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The picturesque campus of Fairhaven Baptist College, nestled in the heart of nature, provides an ideal backdrop for students to forge lifelong friendships, whether it’s through hiking in the scenic trails or simply bonding over shared faith and values, making every day a unique and enriching adventure.

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Admissions at Fairhaven Baptist College prioritize academic achievements, character, and commitment when evaluating applicants. This thorough process ensures that students who demonstrate a strong dedication to personal and spiritual growth are given the opportunity to excel in a supportive environment. Fairhaven Baptist College actively seeks students from various backgrounds who share a common commitment to the Lord and their spiritual values. If you’re interested in joining our college we encourage you to apply today and embark on your journey of growth and learning at Fairhaven Baptist College.


Academics at Fairhaven Baptist College are a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation. Rooted in a strong foundation of faith and values, our programs also embrace cutting-edge teaching methods and technologies. Our teachers are genuinely invested in students’ intellectual and spiritual growth. Small class sizes foster close-knit academic communities, where lively discussions and personalized attention are the norm. At Fairhaven, we believe that academic excellence is not just about accumulating knowledge but also about applying it to make a meaningful impact for the Lord.